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房地产销售代理 & 经纪人课程

那些想要得到 销售代理许可证 and would like to choose one of the courses from the selection below as the 选修 in place of our choice of the 法律方面的课程,可以简单地做到这一点 写这篇文章 在 评论 section 购物车的…“Change 选修 to Property Management” 为例.

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Real Estate Appraisal (Approval# 3925-17)

(Not Available on PDF Format) Huber, Messick, Pivar, 4th Edition, Copyright 2013
Covers the fundamental principles of evaluation properties. Learn the basic essentials of determining property values. Excellent course for new licensees. One of the most important of the 8 courses required to qualify for the real estate brokers license examination due to the fact the tougher questions on the brokers exam are those relating to appraisal.(588页)

Real Estate Economics (Approval# 3927-17)

Realty Publications, Copyrights 2019
May be used as an 选修 if Accounting already taken. Gain an appreciation for the narrative of California’s real estate market
by learning how the market’s various factors interact with and influence each other with Economics. Read about the history of the Millennium Boom and foreclosure crisis, and discover how to forecast trends 在 housing market today and 在 years ahead. Factors discussed included interest rates, 税收政策, 投资者, 房屋销售, 建设, 价格, 租金, 人口统计和更多. The book ends with an overview of the stats’s regional markets. (452页)

Real Estate Finance (Approval# 3924-17)

Realty Publications, 8th Edition, Copyright 2019
Discover what every well-informed real estate broker must know about private lending and carryback sales – including types of notes and trust deeds and their provisions, as well as seller financing schemes.(691页)

Legal Aspects of Real Estate “Law” (Approval# 3926-17)

Realty Publications, 6th Edition, Copyright 2019
The ownership and conveyancing in California of estates and licenses held in real estate are covered in Legal Aspects, 以及所有的财产, including rights of survivorship, 生活信托, and the LLC for real estate syndication. Including…clouds on title, 诽谤的标题, 分区的共同所有者, 相邻业主纠纷, 水权, 供水公信, 常见的车道, 地役权, 侵占, 讨厌的人, preliminary title reports and title insurance.(472页)

Mortgage Loan Brokerage (Approval# 3928-17)

Realty Publications, First Edition, Copyright 2016
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending digests the core concepts
in both consumer and business mortgage lending and brokering.
Ga在 expertise you need to perfect the best practices for originating, 维修 and foreclosing on consumer and business mortgages under state and federal rules. Topics include licensing and management, consumer and business mortgage practice and reports, 类型的抵押贷款, 消费者保护法律, 维修, 违约和止赎 and private lender mortgages. Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending also delves into alternative and business financing arrangements such as seller carrybacks and trust deed lending and 维修. (598页)

Real Estate Practice (Approval# 3923-17)

Realty Publications, 7th Edition, Copyright 2019
The use of forms to make disclosures, prepare a property analysis, or enter into an agreement on any aspect of a real estate related sales transaction is the essence of Real Estate Practice. Each form is presented as a checklist of items and provisions to be considered when using the form, presented as guidelines and rules for their use.(672页)

Property Management (Approval# 3929-17)

Realty Publications, 6th Edition, Copyright 2018
The detailed and exacting rules of leasing and renting both residential and non-residential income properties are examined and applied in hun衣服ds of vivid landlord/tenant situations encountered daily by owners, managers and leasing agents. Along With…all forms and notices required to establish management and leasing agencies to create, manage and terminate tenancies and to preserve rent obligations for enforcement.(650页)

California Real Estate Principles (Approval #3922-17)

Realty Publications, 2nd Edition, Copyright 2019
Principles covers more of the basic fundamentals of real estate than any of the other courses The material in Real Estate Principles is a broad collection of fundamental real estate concepts a new agent or broker will likely encounter 在ir first four years of practice. Included are…basic agency issues, 公平住房规则, 财产披露, 房地产估价, 采购提供, 所有权的权利, adjacent property issues, 标题和归属, notes and trust deed financing provisions, 违约和止赎, 物业管理, 建设 and real estate math.(622页)